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  核心提示: Welcome to the forex21 occupation site, forex21 has updated the 68 heroes new occupation Canyon rec...
Welcome to the forex21 occupation site, forex21 has updated the 68 heroes new occupation Canyon recommended attire and inscriptions (collocation has been on the line, after the upgrade teaching) attention forex21 simply reply hero name to obtain the hero.
Occupation upgrades in the game, the game is difficult to solve in ten minutes (the God of team forex21 is ignored, said general Dan Shuangpai), sometimes meet teammates are at a disadvantage, then a vote cast ah, in fact, the team has the hero, until the latter often still have a chance to win the game today. Forex21 will take you to see what the late hero.
First of all we have to say the Taoist baby, one or two late Taoist Yin wave crispy grass directly can take away the enemy, even a witch cloak of meat in front of Liushen installed Taoist priests are not worth mentioning, one or two seconds with your skills, and see you on the west. So long as the Taoist priest gets up, he is really a hero that everybody fears.
Nanny mage. Have you ever died when you hear that a game can lose? A word is enough to explain the mage's invincibility in the middle and late. Is simply a war tool, moving live springs. Group war, the master will not die, teammates will not die, no matter how skills are thrown off, not bloody, but instead of increasing blood. Well, nanny, invincible!
Daddy warrior. A warrior is a powerful mage who can output and assist. When not logged in the mage, warrior is a thriving nanny daddy, although now the soldiers out of position as a mage, but God will let his soldiers across the collapse. A blood back skills, CD skills later short no, singled out the mark, deceleration, blood return let the enemy very helpless, the final explosion died; battle group stood at the end of the line crazy to teammates back to the blood, but also hurt the explosion, no less than the mage's ability to return to the blood.
Team. Forex21 do not want to say what, forex21 the life of a hero, forex21 team basically do not count the late Early absolutely has a huge advantage, on the opposite side of the mage, Archer, no two fan can not solve the hero, can not solve it with a fan, not only can move, fan away, kite flying ability is invincible, no hero can catch fire dance, of course, except to the king.
Miss big. The only 1 skills of the hero can rely on this strong list, but is a skill, miss how many seconds crispy in invisible, a rolling a gun, they asked the opposite crispy off 2/3 of the blood, are you afraid of? No line does not matter, push your tower, still only need this skill.
Team up. This does not have to say what forex21 more, although there are many heroes can target team, but 4 Paul 1 tactics dragged to the later, let you try to team five kill taste, take a wave of push crystal.

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